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Different causes may be associated with the pain originating from the palate. This problem is very common and usually occurs along with the burning sensation that can expand to the tongue and the whole mouth. Sores can be felt along with the palate pain. The pain can come with the elevated skin structures of the palate as well and if the mentioned symptoms are not felt, the pain while snorting, swallowing or eating can be experienced. Also, this pain can even be caused by touch. Numerous potential culprits for this kind of pain exist, and some of them are mild and trivial, but others may bring about serious consequences if the treatment is not conducted on time.


Palate pain can be caused by several factors and one of them is burning mouth syndrome. This syndrome is not a serious problem, but the cause of it is still unknown to us. Some say that it is caused by the anemia, others by oral yeast infection and there are some who state that this syndrome is a result of the misinformation sent by the sensory nerves found in the oral cavity. There are certain complications associated with the yeast infection, so if this is the reason for your problem, it is best to treat it timely. Another possible cause is infection. Pain caused by infection ends once the infection is removed. Some of the bacterial infections that can cause palate pain are staph, common cold, strep infection and sinus infection. Mouth cancer is a serious condition that can cause palate pain as well.

Melanoma is cancer caused outside the mouth cavity and is one of the two types of mouth cancer, while another is lymphoma and it is caused in the cavity of the mouth. Other possible causes of the palate pain are menopause, diabetes, mouth ulcers and ear infections. We should also mention oral thrush, tooth abscess, cancer sores, and smoking. To this list we can add deficiencies of minerals and vitamins, dry mouth tobacco chewing and many others.


Situational palate pains disappear once the cause of the problem disappears. If the pain is caused by eating spicy food, you can use yogurt because it is cool and it can eliminate this pain efficiently. Yogurt can also be used in cases of vitamin deficiencies or mouth ulcers. It is also a good idea not to eat spicy or hot food and increase the intake of vitamin E and C. Always see a doctor if the pain appears over and over without a visible cause, or if the pain remains constant. Doctors will be able to find the exact cause of the problem and provide the correct treatment plan.

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