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Introduction to white spots in the mouth

White spots found in the mouth can be a symptom of many different oral diseases and sometimes can even be a sign of pre-cancerous lesions. It is important to remember that white spots in the mouth are a symptom, not a particular disease.

They can be located on the tongue, inner cheek, gums, or any part of the mouth. They can also come in patches and groups of white spots. A change in the color of oral activity shows that there is a chance in cellular activity, which is why a person needs to understand that white spots in the mouth can lead to the diagnosis of some conditions, which then must be treated properly.

Causes of white spots in the mouth

There are many possible causes for the appearance of white spots in the mouth. One is oral candidiasis, which is commonly referred to as oral thrush. It is a fungal infection of the oral cavity and the infection is one of the most common causes of white spots appearing in the mouth. Sometimes, this condition can result from ill-fitting dentures.

Another possible cause is lichen planus, which is a non-contagious condition that affects the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and can causes white spots. They typically form a spider-like pattern in the mouth and the direct cause of this condition is not known, though medical experts believe that it is related to allergic reactions, and possibly tobacco chewing and smoking.

Leukoplakia is another potential cause, and it is an oral pre-cancerous lesion that shows up as a white spot in the mouth. Tobacco chewing and smoking lead to this condition most often.


Some symptoms that usually accompany the appearance of white spots in the mouth include burning sensations in the mouth, the inability to eat food, especially, food that is spicy, a loss of appetite, a bad taste in the mouth, painful jaw and other dental problems.


The treatment of the white spots will, of course, depend on what is causing them.

If it is candidiasis, then the patient will have to have oral thrush treatment that will usually include taking anti-fungal drugs. If the spots are caused by ill-fitting dentures, then the person will need to get them repaired or replaced. If the measles are causing the white spots, then treatment for this condition will need to be prescribed by the doctor. If it is being caused by leukoplakia then the person will need to stop chewing tobacco and smoking immediately, after which the doctor will prescribe topical medications and ointments that are very rich in vitamin A in order to cure the spots.

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