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Oral blister – a pain in the mouth

There are different potential causes that may underlie the medical issue known as oral blister or mouth sore, and medical experts cannot seem to agree on what the definite list of ultimate causes looks like. Probably every one of us has at least suffered from the painful mucous membrane damage in the mouth. And it is not a condition that wears of quickly – once it appears, an oral blister needs at least a couple of days to completely vanish.

One of the possible scenarios behind your mouth blister may be the development of a fever blister, or a cold sore. It appears as a result of being infected with the herpes simplex virus. There are some prescription drugs that you can get, but they can do no more than reduce the time needed for the oral blister to wear off. Since we are talking about a viral infection, the patient basically needs to wait through it.

This, to say the least, unpleasant condition develops after experiencing some of the following situations: you have accidentally bitten your cheek, lip or tongue, you have been chewing tobacco, you have suffered mouth tissue damage from wearing braces, a hot food or beverage has burned your mouth.

The devil known as the cold sore

The type of oral blister which is highly infectious and caused by the herpes simplex virus is called the cold sore. Prior to the onset of a visible sore spot in the mouth, the patient experiences sensations of excessive sensitivity in the area, prickling or burning. Treating this kind of mouth ulceration requires addressing the aforementioned virus.

What is interesting is that the herpes virus sometimes lies dormant in a patient’s body over several years, only to occasionally manifest through the occurrence of an oral blister when provoked by some factor. The list of those factors may include the onset of some other ailment, chiefly in cases where it is accompanied by febrile states, stressful situations, unbalanced hormone levels or exposure to sunlight.

Another wretch – the canker sore

This type of oral blister is significantly different from the cold sore. Unlike it, the canker sore is not infectious. It appears in the form of an individual whitish or yellow ulceration lined with a circle of red. Sometimes, it appears as a group of ulcerated patches of mucous membrane.

The cause behind this type of oral blister is more obscure than it is the case with the cold sore. The potential culprit may be a viral infection, a momentary frailty of a person’s immune defence system, a problem with hormone levels, mechanical damage to the tissue, the insufficiently low level of vitamin B12, or a stressful situation.

This kind of mouth lesion is perhaps more difficult to cure, since the cause is typically more vague compared to the cold sore. The patient usually needs to consult the doctor so they can work on determining what the cause is and focus on warding it off.

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