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Almost everyone has experienced a mouth ulcer on the tongue. It usually makes us very nervous and affects our eating, drinking and even talking to some extent. These ulcers can also sting and burn intensively, according to what we put in our mouth..

Before any of actual mouth ulcers appear, there are usually some small buds on the surface of the tongue. The ulcers themselves look like white or reddish lesions on the tongue. Doctors usually call these ulcers aphtous or just simply mouth ulcers. The condition is not characterized as serious, unless the ulcers turn from white lesions to red, because red mouth ulcers can cause increased pain and burning. In most cases, even those very painful ulcers will resolve in about a week or two.

What Causes Mouth Ulcers

You must be aware that your actions and habits contribute great deal in the development of mouth ulcers. Poor oral hygiene and improper way of brushing your teeth are well known to cause aphtous ulcers. Some nutritional deficiencies, consummation of very hot and spicy foods, eating at improper time of the day or drinking too much coffee, tea or alcohol can also provoke the formation of mouth ulcers.

Smoking, stress, hormonal imbalances or even constipation may also be the reasons for frequent troubles with mouth ulcers in your case. People suffering from peptic ulcers may also experience aphtous ulcers.

Unsafe oral sex is also one of the identified causes of mouth ulcers.

It is very important to identify the exact cause of aphtous ulcers that appear in your mouth, in order to treat them appropriately and avoid the food or habits that caused them.

Mouth Ulcer Treatments

When you experience these unpleasant mouth problems, don’t despair, because there are treatments to ease the problem. Just rinsing your mouth with some salt and water will help you to ease the burning and speak little better. You could also use some fresh coconut milk, tomato juice, alternatively hot and cold water or coriander seeds tea and gargle it several times every day. All these home remedies should help you to relieve some of the burning and stinging of the mouth ulcers.

Eating proper food may also be helpful. People recommend eating ripe papayas, bananas, green apples, rice food and curd. Also one should try to drink more butter milk and mulberry juice, while dealing with mouth ulcers.

Butter, glycerin, gooseberry paste, banyan tree milk, and mixes made of glycerin and pinch or turmeric or papal tree leaves and roots, mixed with some honey are home recipes for pain relief in people suffering from mouth ulcers.

If you consult a doctor, it is very likely that he/she will recommend using vitamin B complex or L-lysine supplements, as well as some gels, mouth washes or pastes made for the treatment of aphtous ulcers.

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