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There are a lot of people who at least once had problems with bumps in throat. Every time a person experiences this, he or she wishes to know the best way to deal with the problem. However, people should first get to know the problem in order to be able to treat it. It is best that a person gets to know as much as he or she can about bumps in throat.

What are bumps in throat?

Еvery person in the world knows that there is a collection of immune cells at the back of the throat. These immune cells are known as lymphocytes. It is normal for them to be located at the back of the mouth. These immune cells are important due to the fact that they keep the body safe from microbial infections. A healthy person will not be able to notice these immune cells at the back of his or her mouth but in case when they get infected they will grow in size and a person will be able to see them. The infection can be either viral or bacterial. The medical term for these bumps is epithelial lymphoid tissue. However, people need to know that the lymphocytes will become normal in size once the infection is treated.

The role of tonsils

People need to know that the tonsils are quite important for the immune system because they trap the bacteria and virus that come through the mouth and try to harm the system. Tonsils work like nets. Apart from that, tonsils are also known to treat dead cells and mucus that the lining of the mouth produces. By doing this, tonsils protect the mouth from cavity.What can a person do if he or she suffers from bumps in throat?

Every time a person ends up suffering from bumps in throat, the first thing he or she wonders is what can be done in order for the problem to be treated. First of all, people should go to the hospital and seek medical advice. This is good because the doctor will diagnose the problem properly and suggest the best possible treatment. However, people should know that there are certain home remedies that will solve the problem. The best action is prevention and a person can achieve that by keeping proper oral hygiene. Using an air conditioner helps quite a lot because an air conditioner will filter dust, dirt and even micro-organisms. A person who is already suffering from bumps in throat can gargle salt water and that will cure the problem.

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