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Nowadays, all over the world a lot of people suffer from tonsillolith or otherwise known as tonsils stones. Tonsil stones are a kind of mouth bacteria. These bacteria are easily spotted. A person just needs to open the mouth in front of the mirror and he or she will notice whitish formations on the tonsil area if he or she suffers from tonsil stones. There are various symptoms that tell whether a person suffers from tonsil stones. One of the most common symptoms is bad breath. Other symptoms that are not as common include soreness of the throat and coughing. The best cure for this condition is prevention and there are several ways a person can do that.

The reason why people have bad breath when they suffer from tonsil stones is because they are formed from bacteria, mucus and certain other undigested particles in the mouth. In most cases the breath is so foul that the person himself or herself can smell it. A lot of relationships were ruined because one partner suffered from tonsil stones. In order to avoid embarrassment a person can do a couple of things.

Eat appropriate food

Lots of people have mouth bacteria infection because of the food they eat. Bacteria enjoy an acidic environment and people who consume a lot of dairy products, processed foods and deep fried foods give them that. In order to prevent tonsil stones a person should eat less of these foods.

Decrease alcohol intake and try to stop smoking

One of the most important steps toward preventing tonsil stone is quitting smoking and reducing the alcohol intake. The reason for that is because both alcohol and cigarettes increases the acid levels in the mouth. This includes the consumption of tobacco as well.

Always practice the proper oral hygiene

In order to prevent the development of mouth bacteria infection a person should brush his or her teeth and tongue several times per day. It is best that a person does that after every meal. By doing this a person will kill the bacteria in the mouth. Gargling with salt-water also helps and so does rinsing the mouth with mouth wash.

Ensure that the mouth is moisturized all the time

A lot of people are not aware that saliva is the best moisturizer. A moist mouth deals with the bacteria, dead cells and mucus more easily. In order to increase the production of saliva a person should chew a sugar-free gum.

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