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Bee stings and bug bites

When people are out and about during the seasons of spring and summer, they are more susceptible to bug bites and bee stings.

War temperatures and budding flowers often make a person want to go outside wearing shorts and no socks and take a walk in the forest or have a picnic at a park, and this is where people must be careful and look out for bees and various other insects.

Once stung by a bee in nature, the first thing to so is to make a paste of baking soda and water and then put it onto the sting. This will relieve the pain and help to get the venom out of the body. Tobacco is also good for this, believe it or not, and is an excellent drawing agent for getting the venom out. Just wet some tobacco and apply it to the sting and relief should follow.

It is an entirely different problem if the person is allergic to bee stings. In this case, anti-inflammatory mediation will be needed and antihistamines will also help. Another good natural remedy is to soak the sing in war water with Epsom’s salt.

Bug bites are another big problem associated with the outdoors. Bugs often hide in tall grass and mosquitoes will be looking for places where there is water, while ticks like to stay in trees and then drop on their victims when they see fit.

Prevention is the best method to fight these pesky insects. It is a good idea to wear a hat when outside, especially in the woods, because this will stop a tick from falling onto the head. There are also great insect repellants that a person can buy that are applied to the skin in order to keep the bugs away.

If a person has already been bitten, then they need to find relief for the itching that will no doubt ensue.

When the itching is very intense, Prednisone might be recommended. It is also a good idea to dab the bite with some rubbing alcohol but there are many anti-itch remedies that are available on the market as well. Poison ivyAs far as avoiding poison ivy is concerned, it is a good idea to wear long sleeve and long pants when working in the garden or traveling through areas that have very high grass and lots of weeds hiding. If a person notices poison ivy or other weeds like poison oak that can cause pain and irritation, it is best to buy some heavy-duty gardening gloves and to get rid of them.

If a person does come in contact with such poisonous weeds, then the rash needs to be treated with lukewarm water and oat soap. If a person is in the wilderness, they can find a green walnut and slice into the hull and then rub its juices onto the rash to stop the itching.

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