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Information on Brominated Vegetable Oil

Brominated vegetable oil is one of the food items which havebeen banned in more than 100 countries because it triggers certain sideeffects. Brominated vegetable oil is a normal vegetable type of oil but itcontains atoms of bromine and its molecules have the same density as the sugarwater which can be found in certain types of soft drinks.

Sometimes a personmay notice some cloudy solution in a soft drink. It comes from those densemolecules of sugar. The brominated vegetable oil is sometimes used as anemulsifier in certain types of soft drinks as it is very efficient inpreventing all different kinds of oil based flavorings and citrus fromseparating into a separate layer of oil.

It makes all fat soluble flavorsremain suspended. The FDA lists the brominated vegetable oil as an additivewhich may be very harmful for the health of a human being.

Brominated Vegetable Oil Side Effects

Bromine is one of the elements which belong to the group ofhalogen and it displaces iodine. It is very harmful as it hampers the functioningand the overall health of the thyroid glands in the human body. It can also beassociated with the development of certain other severe types of medicalconditions such as depression, lethargy, memory disorders, fatigue, mentaldisorders, photophobia, hallucinations, slurred speech, seizures, confusion andtremors.

There are also certain other cases of side effects triggered by theconsumption of brominated vegetable oil. Those may or may not include loss of musclecoordination, inferior quality of growth, headaches, testicle damage, elevatedserum chloride, increased deposition of fat in the internal organs, abnormaltendency of being violent, kidney damage, acute irritability, heart damage,psychosis, tendon reflex changes, cerebral atrophy, stupor, loss of peripheralvision and ataxia.

Additional Information on Brominated Vegetable Oil

Another problem with the brominated vegetable oil getsstored in the fat cells of the human body. The accumulation of the oil can beassociated with more or less severe instances of any of the aforementioned sideeffects.

It can also be associated with certain other side effects such asincreased anxiety, abnormal tearing, anorexia nervosa, abnormal perspiration,coma, drooling, constricted pupils, respiratory difficulties, blueness of theskin, slow pulse and malfunction in the heart beat. Brominated vegetable oil isnot a healthy choice for the human body and it should definitely be avoided atall costs.

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