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Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose is a certain type of wildflower which israther common in the United States. The leaves grow in circles around the stems,and they are commonly rather close to the ground. They grow on both sides ofthe stem at nicely arranged alternating levels. Flowers commonly tend to bloom after sunset, and only during the summer.Native Americans have always used its seeds for culinary purposes and they alsoused the plants for the preparation of poultices for the healing of bruises.Evening primrose oil was introduced for medicinal purposes only recently. Lateron, the root of the evening primrose was taken to Europe where it is often usedfor various different culinary purposes. The oil is derived from the seeds ofthe evening primrose and is an excellent source of the gamma linolenic acid,which is one of the most important essential fatty acids known to man. The oilis jam packed with other omega-6 essential fatty acids such as the linoleicacid. which are very important for the growth and development of molecules inthe human body. A good health of a person is largely based on a good balance ofomega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. The oil gets extracted from theseeds by utilizing a substance called hexane and the content of essential fattyacids is quite high. One should take notice that not all omega-6 essential arethat harmful. The one found in the evening primrose oil is considered to bevery health. Evening primrose oil can be purchased in its liquid form and alsoin the form of capsules. All products that contain evening primrose oil need tobe refrigerated and they need to be kept out of direct sunlight. Productscharacterized by high quality are usually certified as organic and comepackaged in containers resistant to light which are clearly marked with anexact freshness date. Standardized evening primrose oil products need tocontain 8 percent of gamma linolenic acid. It is a widely known fact that mostdifferent types of herbal remedies and preparations are highly efficient intreating numerous different medical conditions and strengthening the body. Inspite of that, they may trigger certain side effects and interactions, so oneneeds to be careful when dosing the herbal supplement. Children should not useevening primrose oil, but as far as adults are concerned, standardized eveningprimrose oil can be taken in daily doses of between 2 and 8 grams, depending oneach individual case.

Benefits of evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil can be used for various medicinalpurposes, but the most common ones include PMS systems, arthritis relatedconditions, eczema, dermatitis and such. Women who suffer from certain types ofmenopausal symptoms such as the hot flashes sometimes use evening primrose oilin order to alleviate them. Mastalgia is a medicinal term for breast pain, andin some cases the evening primrose oil may come in very handy in relieving theannoying sensation. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a medical conditioncharacterized by painful sensations, burning sensations, tingling, numbness ora lack of sensation in the legs and the feet. This condition is triggered bydiabetes and can be relieved by using evening primrose oil. Some cases ofRaynaud’s phenomenon may also be treated with evening primrose oil. Anothermedical condition which may be relieved by using evening primrose oil includesthe rheumatoid arthritis. This is mainly due to the fact the evening primroseoil may be somewhat efficient in slowing down the damaging of the joints.Premenstrual syndrome is a medical condition which bothers a large number ofwomen everywhere around the world. In most cases the evening primrose oil maybe of certain help in alleviating the symptoms. Medical condition which is mostcommonly treated with evening primrose oil is eczema. It is a skin relatedmedical condition commonly characterized by itching, scaling of the skin andredness at the affected areas. It is due to same properties that the eveningprimrose oil can be used for the treatment of dermatitis. Other skin relatedsymptoms such as swelling, crusting and edema can be treated by this oil.

Precautions and Interactions

In most cases when used in recommended dosages, eveningprimrose oil is completely safe, but in some rare cases it may be associatedwith certain mild side effects such as headaches, painful sensations in thestomach and nausea. High doses may lead to the development of loose stools aswell. Those who suffer from epilepsy or other types of seizure disorders needto steer clear of all different types of omega-6 essential fatty acid supplements.The same can be said for all those who suffer from different types of blooddisorders and bleeding problems. Breastfeeding and pregnant women need toconsult their healthcare provider before using evening primrose oil. This oilmay interact with certain types of antidepressants, medications for seizurecontrol, phenothizines, blood pressure medications and blood thinningmedications.

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