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A lot of women dream about having big breasts. But, women that do have large breasts face the problem of pain in the back. This article will give us insights into this problem and solutions of preventing pain in the back.

Large breasts may lead to some very serious deterioration in posture and women who have them are at risk of misshape of their spine. Due to the large breasts, women’s arms and legs may suffer. One of the possible causes of bonal change in women with large breasts is that their anatomy is not programmed to carry all that weight. Many women with large breasts feel ashamed and try to hide them by changing their posture. That results in pain in the arms. After that, strong and sharp pain appears in the low back. Advice for the women who have that kind of a problem is not to do exercise, because their current condition may become worse. This also happens to women who lead an active life, because by practicing, the breasts are moving, and it can be the cause of the momentary pain. In this case, muscles are left without the oxygen. Doctors suggest that women with large breasts should wear customized or sports bras.

If a woman has a pain in the lower back, she should go through a thorough medical check out, in order to role out other possible conditions. She needs to establish which muscles are tight and which are weak. This must be done in order to find new resting tension.

In the end, a woman would have to do balanced exercises, so that she could return to a more balanced state.

The final solution to reduce pressure in the lower back caused by large breasts is a breast reduction surgery. But, just like in any surgery there are also down effects in this one. Doctors believe that this surgery increases the chances of getting breast cancer and it makes it more difficult to examine a woman on mammogram. This is partly true, but a lot of women testify that after a breast reduction, mammography was conducted in an easier way. There are other down effects like the difficulty with breast feeding, a lack of feeling in the breasts and of course the cost of the operation itself. In the USA the amount of money that you have to put aside for breast reduction surgery is about $6,000 and the medical insurance does not cover it.

One of the most effective ways to decrease pain in the back due to the large breast is muscle balance therapy.

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