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Breast augmentation

Why do so many women want to have big breasts? Do they want it because they are not satisfied with their breast size or because they think that men like big breasts more and that they will be more attractive to them with the big ones? Unfortunately, the large percentage of women opts for breast augmentation because of the second reason.

Breast augmentation considerations

Before a woman decides to undergo a breast augmentation surgery, she should carefully consider that decision and dwell upon certain questions. When a woman opts for the breast enhancement surgery, she should have realistic expectations about what it will bring to her and how it will change her personality. The breast enhancement may improve self-esteem but it cannot make the life wonderful. Furthermore, the woman should ask herself if she does it to satisfy herself or some other people including even her partner. It is crucially important that she should do it for her own desire since if she does it to please her partner, she still will be unsatisfied with her personality.

The success of the breast augmentation surgery depends on the age at which a woman undergoes the surgery, since the best years are from 18 to 50 years of age, while after 50, certain complications are more likely to occur. The pregnant women, as well as those who are nursing their babies, should wait for this surgery. Before deciding to enhance her breasts, the woman should know her doctor very well and should be acquainted with the doctor’s education, qualifications and previous professional experiences. Only a good doctor should perform this surgery.

The woman should also mentally prepare herself since she will change her appearance and after the surgery, a period of adjustment will be necessary. Moreover, the woman should be frank with her doctor and tell him/her how she would like her breasts to look once the surgery is finished. She should ask the doctor whatever she wants to know so that her decision should be right.

The woman may choose the type of the breast implants since there are silicone and saline breasts implants, and while both types of the breasts implants are safe, they have their advantages and disadvantages so it is important to be well informed about them, and then weigh up the pros and cons. Due to aging, the appearance of the enhanced breasts will not be the same, so after some time it is necessary to do breasts lifting or to remove the breasts implants.

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