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Although many women fret from it, pain in the breasts isnot very likely to be a sign of any serious underlying condition, and ithappens to the every woman at some point in their lives.

What is breast pain usually related to?

The most common reason for breast pain is the menstrualcycle. Aching, oversensitive and bloated breasts that are preceding a periodare perfectly normal symptoms in the menstrual cycle. These feelings arereally unpleasant and can cause some discomfort, but the good thing is thatthey are completely harmless. They affect both breasts and can sometimes spreadto the armpits and upper arms. The more extreme cases of this kind of breastpain can be so uncomfortable that the person feels almost constant pain and thebreasts have to be protected with a bra at all times, even at night. Thisproblem does not necessarily have to be permanent, in fact, it has no stricttime limitations, as it can remain present for a very long amount of time, evenuntil menopause, or it can manifest itself only temporarily.

There are other reasons for breast pain as well and they alldepend on the intensity of the pain and whether it affects both breasts or justone, and if the latter is the case, which is the breast in question. Once theystart experiencing any kind of breast pain, many women become increasinglyworried that it is a sign of cancer, but this possibility is highly unlikely,as this happens in less than 5 percent of cases and the pain which characterizes it isextremely severe.

What can cause breast pain?

Recurring breast pain usually happens due to somehormone changes in the body. The reasons for this are the numerous glands thatare located in the breasts and used for producing milk. They are surroundedwith certain tissue which typically consists of fat. These glands respond tohormone changes in the body and sometimes they can be so sensitive to it thatthey result in breast pain.

How to deal with breast pain?

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution to make the breastpain go away, but there are ways to prevent unnecessary additional pain whichoccurs because of the sensitivity in the breasts.

Having a good bra can be quite helpful. That includespicking a bra that is the size which fits the breasts perfectly because that isthe kind of bra which will provide the most protection. Also, having a comfortableone to sleep in will be very useful during the night. Avoiding strenuousphysical exercise is also a good idea in the periods when breast pain ispresent.

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