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What causes breast fat?

The simple fact of the matter is that the breast size depends mostly on the amount of fat that is stored in the breasts. The breast is made up mostly of this fat and the mammary gland, which produces milk in women. Usually, when a woman loses weight, her breast size will decrease as well. Taking a look at ballet dancers and professional athletes, it is easy to see that women who are in peak physical condition usually do not have large breasts.

Breast size has a lot to do with genetics as well. Women that have larger breasts usually store more of the fat on the upper part of their bodies, especially the upper body, arms, back and abdomen. Women who tend to store more fat in the lower regions, the hips, thighs and buttocks especially, tend to have flatter stomachs and flatter chests as well.

Therefore, targeting breast fat can be a problem, because there is no guarantee that when a person loses weight, it will be leaving the regions of the body that a person wants to trim down per se.

Cardio exercises burn fat from the body, but it is the genetics that often determine where the fat will be coming off of on the body. Some women can work out for months in order to decrease the amount of fat in their legs only to find out that they have lost fat only in their arms, for example. Nature and genetics play a large role in weight loss, therefore. How to get rid of breast fat?The best way to get rid of any kind of fat is through exercise and a healthy diet. In the case of breast fat, it is best to consult a personal trainer or a fitness specialist that will be able to give a person detailed instructions and a list of exercises that are aimed at targeting the breasts.

Some of the best exercises for losing breast fat include weight training that focuses on the chest. These kinds of exercises will not only burn fat from the chest area, but also strengthen the muscles, which will give women much firmer breasts as well and there will be less sagging.

It is best to consult a fitness expert however, because a women needs specific guidance in such training in order to find the most effective way to lose fat from the breast area without getting the muscles too big at the same time.

Unfortunately, there is little else that can be said as far as targeting breast fast is concerned, because, as mentioned previously, genetics will often determine what parts of the body are more susceptible to gaining and losing weight.

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