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Experiencing pain in any area in the body every once in a while is quite normal, but when pain appears in the parts of the body where important organs are situated, or if the pain is recurring or persistent, then it is usually a matter of great concern and should not be taken lightly. However, in women, the pain that appears in their breasts causes great fear since they are immediately afraid of the breast cancer. Women after their 50s are prone to experiencing pain in their breasts because they have entered menopause, which brings many discomforts apart from the breast tenderness and ache.

Menopause and breast pain

Breast pain mainly occurs in a period prior to menopause, which is called perimenopause. In this period, the body starts to get used to some changes, which would inevitably happen in the near future. This pain is just the sign of approaching the menopause since breast ache and menopause usually go together. The women who are already in this period may confirm it. So, simply accept slight breast pain once you reach menopause.

Different women experience breast pain in menopause differently since many of the have different thoughts about it. Some women claim that the pain is not mild at all but bad, while on the other hand, some women say that the pain is quite tolerable and mild, nothing special. For some it is puzzling since they do not know if it is just so because the pain is really different in intensity or that some women have higher tolerance to the breast pain. Due to the hormonal fluctuation which happens in this period, the breasts will not be only affected by pain, but tenderness, swelling and sensitiveness may also appear.

Treatment of breast pain in menopause

The women who feel pain in their breast should seek a doctor’s help and see if some treatment will be recommended. The breast pain during menopause tends to aggravate at nights, so women should do something to alleviate it in order to have a good night sleep. Those women should avoid ingestion of caffeine since it tends to make the breast pain worse in menopause. It makes the blood vessels wider and stretches the nerves as well, so that the pain is relieved once they stop consuming it. The high amounts of estrogen can be lowered by consuming fiber and dark green leafy vegetables. In some women, detoxification is proved to be the solution to the breast pain in menopause.

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