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Menstruation and Breast Tenderness

A majority of women, before the onset of their period, tend to experience many strange sensations, tenderness in their breasts being one of these. This can manifest through painful or irritating sensation emitted by their breasts upon being touched. Reasonably, this causes a lot of discomfort and many can be quite frustrating. Usually, the tenderness appears several days before the period and is gone after the period itself ends. However, some women experience this tenderness earlier and it stays with them even after the end of their menstruation, lasting for a worrying amount of time. In order to explain this phenomenon, the following lines will provide more information on the subject. Also, methods of relieving you of this tenderness will be given, making it possible for you to reduce the amount of discomfort related to this phenomenon.

Reasons behind Breast Tenderness before Period

Naturally, once women are in their premenstrual cycle, they are experiencing quite prominent hormonal imbalances and activity. This leads to many different things affecting their behavior and health. Thus, due to excessive accumulation of water in the breasts and nipples, the skin cells get stretched and the pain, along with the tenderness affects a woman due to these factors.

Also, middle aged women are likely to feel even stronger symptoms of tenderness, their breasts being very painful to even the slightest touch. Again, this too is connected to hormonal activities, since, during pre-menopausal periods in a woman's life, her estrogen levels are skyrocketing, leading to this enormous tenderness. Quite often, coffee makes the problem even worse.

What Can You Do?

Bearing in mind that this tenderness can also be a sign of breast cancer, you are highly advised to have your body examined once you experience this tenderness often. If everything is in order and the tenderness seems to be a normal part of your premenstrual symptoms, you may seek comfort through some of the following methods.

First, use good quality bras which provide excellent support for your breasts. Also, make sure you lead a physically active live, at least walking for about 30 minutes each day. These two factors are guaranteed to make your tenderness less prominent or even completely absent in the future. As for the pain and irritation, you might take some over-the-counter painkillers for comfort. Hot or cold compresses are excellent for these purposes, having a soothing effect upon your irritable breasts. Finally, avoid fatty food and increase your fiber intake since these factors will help you maintain your hormonal balance.

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