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Mood, concentration and emotions are constantly subject to changes, going through high and low periods all of the time. Most of these changes are caused by changes in brain waves or the electoral activity in the brain. There are five different frequencies that the brain passes through throughout the day: gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. Recent studies made it possible for us to understand how to influence the electoral activity in the brain and feel more relaxed, sleep easier, learn faster, deal with the addiction or recover repressed memories.The Gamma frequency

The Gama frequency is the electoral activity in which brain produces frequency waves of 24Hz (cycles per second) or higher. This frequency is associated with perception or consciousness and it is recorded during periods of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and during the process of awakening. Gama is also attained during high intellectual activity and insight.

The Beta frequency

The Beta frequency is a brain wave frequency between 12Hz and 24Hz and it is associated with active thinking, anxiousness and arousal. Stress in everyday life makes a lot of people spend too much time in this mental state.

The Alpha frequency

The Alpha frequency is in range of 8Hz to 12Hz. It is a little bit slower than the beta frequency and it is linked to normal waking consciousness, arousal and awakens but nut anxiousness and hyperactivity.

The Theta frequency

This frequency ranges from 4Hz to 7Hz and it is most commonly found in young children. It is related to deep relaxation, meditation, learning and memory retention.

The Delta frequency

The Delta frequency is electrical activity in brain lower that 4Hz. This is the state of relaxation associated with deep sleep and recorded in advanced meditators and babies. Stress and lack of sleep usually keep people in higher state of arousal. In Delta frequency, the brain repairs itself and releases beneficial hormones like melatonin, while eliminating stress hormones such as cortisol.

Binaural beats

In modern world, packed with stress, anxiety and lack of sleep, people spend too much time in the aroused brain states. This may lead to serious health problems like sleep disorders, indigestion, ulcers, etc. There are many relaxation techniques available and meditation is the most prominent among them. However, it takes much time to become proficient in meditation and experience the positive changes.

A new method, the use of binaural beat programs, may help induce relaxation, creativity and other desirable mental states. Binaural beat programs play different frequency in each ear of the listener. A beating tone will be perceived, as if the two tones mixed naturally, out of the brain. This third frequency causes the positive effect.

Some proven benefits of binaural beats are reduction of learning time and sleeping needs, treatment of addictions, recovery of repressed memories, changes in emotional problems, and treatment of anxiety, increase in happiness and enjoyment of life.

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