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This text relates to the effect of music on our brain, mind and mood. Music is a wonderful art that can guide us in new dimensions and make us explore the inner self. But, are there scientific facts about it? As a matter of fact, yes, there are.

At the symposium at Stanford University in 2006, which gathered ethnomusicologists, musicians, and scientists to discuss music and its impact on life, interesting conclusions were reached. Some of the topics were related to role of music in the physiological activities such as heartbeat and blood pressure, brain function and neurological conditions treatment.

According to the researches, it has been proved that music helps in healing of some ailments, which is something that we have already known. The music with the strongest power is the Indian music, and if you lead a stressful life or suffer from some mild form of mental solution, music can be the best medication for you.

Effects of Music on the Mind

Every one has sometimes been depressed and sad. Contemplating about past thing, bringing certain memories to life again can affect our mind. We can bear these feelings for days, even months, and suddenly they are a part of us. But how to deal with them, how to restore previous joy in life? Music is the solution as it increases the serotonin levels of the brain and due to that, mental depression is alleviated. Anxiety is a mental disorder that roughly said, is connected with fear from some upcoming event. We can prevent anxiety with suiting music as it calms the nerves and soothes the mind. Music also promotes the process of learning and thinking. Quiet and gentle music helps us think and work with mush more brain effort. Researches have shown that academics skills are improved if a student listens to certain kind of music. Everything seems much easier while listening to music.

Effects of Music on the Brain

Music can also contribute to our concentration level. It triggers our brain cells and neurons and as a result of that, our concentration and memory are better. Enhanced creativity is another field where music has a great influence. It is also proved that music helps student to learn math, especially music that has rhythm. The process of healing can be also improved with the help of music, because it assists in endorphins secretion.

How does Music affect your Mood?

Nowadays, music has become an everyday part of our life, because wherever we go we can hear music playing. Because of its effect on our mood and brain, music can be heard in supermarkets, malls, restaurants. It is a proved fact that people like to spend more time in places where there is a soothing music playing, because they feel better and the whole process of buying something, or eating is much prettier. So, turn up your stereo and read this article about music.

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