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The immune system has the function to protect the body and fight against infections caused by viruses, bacteria, germs, toxins and other pathogens. People who are often ill, fatigued or suffer from allergies have a weak immune system. To prevent getting sick a person must boost his or her immune system and eliminate the causes for weak immune system.

Causes of Weak Immune System

Nutritional DeficienciesFood provides energy for the body and nutrients are essential for healthy immune system. Weak immune system results from inadequate diet that mainly consists of refined sugars, fats and highly processed foods full of pesticides, chemical additives, and preservatives. Prolonged consumption of such foods and constant poor diet consequently leads to weaken immune system and developing chronic conditions.

Antibiotic AbuseUse of antibiotics for extended period of time as well as frequent use of antibiotics disturb natural intestinal flora that helps to fight off infections thus making a person susceptible to developing various disorders. Antibiotics should be used only in emergencies because often use of these medications leads to developing resistance to them and their ineffectiveness against infections.

StressToo much stress severely affects the immune system and its ability to defend the body from diseases. When a person is under constant stress his or her adrenal glands as a response to the stress start to release stress hormones. These hormones have harmful effects to immune system making it weak.

Lack of SleepA proper sleep enables the body to rest, refuel and rebuild the immune system. When we are deprived of sleep the body cannot produce the growth hormones important for healthy immune system. Also, it is important to sleep enough during infections such as common cold and flu to help the immune system to effectively fight against infection.

Lack of ActivityModerate exercise is important because it helps to enhance the immune system. Inactivity leads to inability of the body to eliminate some toxins and waste matter. During moderate exercising, blood flow increases thus promoting circulating of antibodies and white blood cells that are important for fighting off infections. Also, during physical the body temperature slightly increases which can slow down growth of bacteria. On the other hand, strenuous exercise can affect the immune system as well. With extreme exercise the body burns more oxygen and produces more free radicals which impair immune response.

ObesityObesity can lead to weaker immune response because it can impair the ability of white blood cells to multiply and create antibodies.

Excessive Alcohol ConsumptionExcessive drinking of alcohol can damage the immune system in two ways. Firstly, alcohol intake leads to nutritional deficiency thus weaker immune system. Secondly, alcohol inhibits the ability of white blood cells to multiply and kill the germs.

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