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Lengthening for ease

Just as stated in the title, the procedure in question falls into the category of those surgical ones performed with the aim to lengthen one’s bones, or correct limb related bone deformities. This is generally regarded as the part of an orthopedic area, but there are also such people who regard this, in a way, to be more a cosmetic type of procedure with the goal to re-develop a person’s unhealthy and ill affected bone.

In terms of limitations, it can be said that it is equally performed in children as in adults, the only difference being the overall length of the limb. This is influenced directly by various congenital defects, diseases, health conditions and accidental injuries. Even though this may seem to a great number of people as a quite good way to solve the limb-problem, it must be emphasized that, besides the costs hitting the roof, in most of the cases linked to it are also a couple of risks, accompanied by postoperative problems and difficulties.

Procedure itself

In the beginning, the procedure in question used to be conducted only in cases of children – those who suffered from disproportional legs. But given the time we live in and the way in which people have changed significantly, this procedure is also quite often employed in the case of persons’ who suffer from dwarfism. The purpose is, of course, to increase their overall height to a level that they find satisfactory.

Getting down to more technical aspects of the limb-lengthening procedure, in order for it to be regarded as safe and unobtrusive, every person is advised to go as far as six inches since this added-height is regarded to be quite safe. On the other hand if one seeks to increase his/her overall height by a staggering eleven inches, it is highly recommendable not to go that far out of safety reasons. In terms of the procedure that underlies the surgery itself, for all those people who are not familiar with it, it is known as the distraction osteogenesis. Another important aspect is that this procedure is comprised of two different phases.

Wallet management

Given the fact that many people suffer from height related problems either due to genetics or due to some accident, this surgical procedure is quite a tempting solution to their troubling problem. If we take an average price, translated into “dough” it looks like the following – between 30.000 and 50.000 US dollars, with top most costs even amounting to 200.000 dollars.

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