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Sinuses and Surgical Procedure

The surgical procedure on sinuses includes the exact removal of the sinus tissue that has fallen under the influence of a particular disease, and thus, is unable to serve its purpose any longer. The surgical procedure is aimed at improving the function of channels responsible for the draining of the excessive fluids, by means of creating a pathway essential to the process of drainage of the infected tissue out of the sinus channels. The difference between this type of surgery and the rest lies in the fact that, while most surgical procedures involve the removal of a problematic part/organ, this surgical procedure is based on redirecting the sinus pathways. Because of the nature of this surgical procedure, it must be emphasized that the post-operational recuperation is vital to the overall health of the person in question.

Possible Risks and Complications

As far as the post operational side-effect manifestation are concerned, the following has been regarded as most frequently occurring, not only in medical literature, but in every day medical reality as well:

Inability to successfully cure and treat the infections attacking the sinusesRecurrence of sinus related issues and the occurrence of polypsBleeding – in some particular cases this goes as far as employing blood transfusions to help solve the problemNasal drainage chronic in nature, as well as extreme dryness and nose crustingNecessity for another, more assertive surgical procedureNecessity to conduct and additional evaluation concerning allergies, treatment methods and environmental influencesInability to ward off and better the constantly reappearing respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, cough and even asthmaInability to find a long-term relief and a solution to the frequent headaches, sinus or nasal in natureNeed for additional consultation with more than one expert, neurologists as wellThough extremely rare, there may occur certain damages to the eye and related eye structuresPossibility of damage to the base of one’s skull, directly resulting in the occurrence of meningitis, spinal fluid leakage and brain abscessOccurrence of lasting numbness of the following body parts such as the face, person’s teeth or palatesAs a direct consequence of inability to put the infection or polyps under control, the occurrence of the nasal obstructionPain that seems to last forever and is never to leave you, hindered and too slow healing and convalescenceNecessity for a person to be hospitalizedInability to bring back the sense of taste and smell, or overall worsening of the senses in question

In order to avoid all the above mentioned, one of the best treatment methods that can be employed is the nasal irrigation.

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