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Taking into consideration that ourtongue is an organ made of many soft tissues and full of tiny bloodvessels, the fact that it can bleed often is not surprising at all.Namely, our tongue may bleed if we bite it accidentally or pierce itwith something we ate etc. All this can trigger the bleeding in ourtongue. Additionally, having too much bacteria on the surface of thetongue and in one's mouth in general may be behind this, and manyother problems too.

Additional Reasons behind BleedingTongue

Apart from biting your tongueaccidentally, it might be injured by poor fitting dentures or braceswhich were not installed adequately. Furthermore, dental implants mayeasily cause bleeding in the tongue since, if done improperly, theycan damage the surface of one of the strongest muscles in our body.Broken teeth can have the same effect.

Alternatively, cold sores, canker soresor tongue ulcers may all take place, bursting, bleeding and causingenormous amounts of pain and discomfort. Even though rarely, tonguecancer may affect your tongue, leading to bleeding too.

Manifestations of a Bleeding Tongue

Of course, blood is the first symptomof a bleeding tongue. It can appear on the surface of the tongue,increasing its redness or the bleeding may expand in the rest of themouth. As far as tongue cancer is concerned, one may experience awhite spot formed at the base of the tongue. This bumpy growth canbleed quite often for no obvious reasons. Bad taste and bad smellregarding one's mouth are usually the common symptoms as well.

Treatment and Remedies

If you hurt your tongue physically, youneed to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. Thus, you need to grabthe tongue, after washing your hands with an antibacterial soapbeforehand, and press the wound by using a gauze or a cloth. Then,after the bleeding reduces, apply ice or cold compress to stop itcompletely. Alternatively, you can use green tea or black tea bags,after boiling them, and apply them on the wound. These too will stopthe bleeding quickly.

Making a mouthwash from alum root pillscan be excellent for disinfecting your tongue wound and stopping thetongue bleeding as well as tending to the wounds. Drinking calendulatea can have the same effect. Finally washing your mouth with lemonbalm and chewing on licorice can both be excellent remedies for thesepurposes.

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