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Black and extremely awkward

Everybody knows how one can get a black eye, and this is something that quite clearly requires no further explanations. However, there is yet another side to it, which also involves the opinions of the specialists, such as the members of the medical profession and alike.

Having this in mind, when it comes to the phenomenon of the black eye, it is also known under the name of shiner. What this especially refers to is a bruising in the area surrounding the person's eye, which occurs as a direct consequence of an injury made to the eye itself in a straightforward manner. Of course, the name itself is more or less self-explanatory and the basis for it is more than self-evident. All it takes is one good look, and we are able to establish with a hundred percent accuracy why this specific type of eye injury is referred to as the black eye.

Now, coming to the main causer of the black eye as such, it must be pointed out that it is underlined by the bleeding that occurs underneath the person's skin, located either in the vicinity of the eye or in the broader area surrounding it. In case a person 'comes down' with parallel black eyes, meaning that both eyes get injured, this incidence is known, quite conveniently, as raccoon eyes. When it comes to physical manifestation of the big black, it is actually a blend of the colors purple, black and blue, accompanied by quite visible swelling.

How to 'remedy' the blackness on the outside

Fortunately, there exists a number of ways this awkward and least desired mishap can be remedied with success. Some of the most effective ones are the following:

Black eye cream(s) – present an extremely effective manner for dealing with the issue in question, especially when it encompasses extremely visible dark circles. Those creams that abound in vitamin E are regarded as the ones holding the greatest healing potential. In addition, they are also extremely effective in the case of 'removing' those menacing bags that tend to form under one's eye. Cold compress – is the number one action a person ought to take the moment he/she gets his eye color changed. The technique in question will enable one to alleviate the swelling, as well as the existing pain. In this regard, an ice pack or ice bag is one of the best ideas. One recommendation is also that a person should wrap either the ice pack, or frozen peas in a towel so as to avoid unwanted excessive exposure of the sore and delicate spot around the eye.

Other effective options also include cold compress with a steak, as well as potatoes and cucumbers, and those more conventional ways involving the use of pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicines.

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