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Introduction to cracked nails

When a person is suffering from cracked nails it is usually due to poor nail care and malnutrition.

However, these are not the only things that can lead to nail cracks, there are also many other potential causes, even if a person takes care of their nails regularly and eats food that provides them with all the minerals and nutrients needed to keep the nails healthy.


One of the main causes that can lead to cracked nails is having an improper diet. People who do not consume enough vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B12, minerals like calcium, and biotin rich foods such as egg yolks and bananas, can suffer from cracked nails.

Also, people who do not have enough iron in their diets can have cracked nails as well.

Another way to get cracked nails is when the mails are too dry due to a moisture deficiency. People need to have enough moisture in their skin and nails in order to have healthy looking nails.

Also, people who do not take proper care of the nails can see cracks appear. It is important to maintain, clean and cut the nails regularly in order for them to keep their moisture, natural color and strength.

Menopause is another common cause for cracked nails. When a woman reaches menopause, she will be experiencing many changes in the body. The hormonal changes and general boy changes that occur during this period of a woman’s life can lead to cracked nails as well.

RemediesIf the nail cracks are caused by a lack of moisture, then it is best to keep them moisturized regularly, which means that a person should be using creams and moisturizers every day to protect the nails. This will not only prevent cracked nails, but also keep the nails looking extremely healthy.

If the cracked nails are caused by malnutrition then, a person needs to begin eating healthy foods that are full of minerals and vitamins that are needed to keep the nails healthy.

A balanced diet is the best way to keep the nails healthy.

It is also important not to bite the nails, not just because it is a nasty habit, but because it will also have an effect on the way the nails look. When a person bites the nails, they tend to grow back in strange shapes, which also can cause them to crack eventually.

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