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Hormonal acne cures

There are plenty of hormonal treatments for acne that the dermatologist have said to be good. Birth control pill is one of the treatments used by women. Birth pill have even been used in severe cases. When a woman gets acne when she is going through a hormonal change like menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause hormonal cures are an excellent choice to try to get rid of them. These cures interrupt the starting phase of the acne development. It is up to the user to decide which hormonal cure he or she will use and it is best to talk to a doctor first.

Connection between acne and hormones

The developing stage of acne is when certain hormones, such as sex hormone, are produced in the body. It is these hormones that block the pores and trap the oils and dirt which cause acne to appear. When this happens, a person may try to get rid of the acne by applying medicated ointment on the acne spots. However, it is always best to prevent them from appearing in the first place.

Androgens like DHT, DHEA-S, androstenedione and testosterone have influence on the appearing of acne. There are women who suffer from a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome. This syndrome is caused by the large amounts of testosterone and androgen in their bodies. Apart from acne, weight gain and facial hair are also the symptoms of this condition. Infertility is a symptom as well. This syndrome can be treated with hormone therapy.

Types of hormone therapy

Oral contraceptives and Spironolactone are the two types of hormonal cures. Estrogen and progestins can be found in oral contraceptives. Estrogen controls how much androgen is produced by the body while progestins change the activity of testosterone and androgens. Both estrogen and progestins go for the source of acne development.

If a woman is trying to conceive, birth pills are no longer an option to fight acne. Then the female patients need to turn to spironolactone. The main purpose of this synthetic steroid is to act as an anti-androgen. Studies have shown that it is effective in most cases, 85% is the exact percentage. However, there are some side effects from using spironolactone like tender breasts, headaches, fatigue and irregular menstrual cycles.

Curing hormonal acne using natural remedies

Lots of people prefer remedies that are available to everyone in their fight against acne. Some people use lemon juice and rose water. This mixture should be held for half an hour and then washed off the face. However, people should remember that every skin is different and not every remedy will work, but there is a variety of them so a person has a lot to choose from.

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