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Birth control pillshave substances that keep egg cells in the ovaries and therefore preventconception. Substances that are contained in oral contraceptive pills arehormones called estrogen and progesterone. Unfortunately, they can result inspecific unwanted effects such as inflamed pimples, sickness, throwing up, lowlibido, headache and your breasts may become sore to touch. If you use pillsthat contain low amounts of estrogen, you could minimize these side effects and herewe will discuss about low estrogen birth control pills and their advantages.

Birth Control Pillswith Low Amount of Estrogen

The usual amount ofestrogen in birth control pills is 30 to 50 micrograms. In the low estrogenbirth control pills that amount is significantly lower, 20 micrograms. Specialistsstrongly advise the usage of pills that have lower amount of estrogen as a contraceptivemethod and to avoid side effects associated with the usage of regular pills. Thesepills are useful for women who have regular periods, but they can help womenwho are experiencing certain problems with menstrual cycle. Pills with low estrogen level can be harmful for women who suffered form thrombosis, who smoke or sufferedform heart conditions and breast cancer.

Benefits and Weaknesses of Low Estrogen Pills

Women who use thesepills will be protected from pregnancy and much healthier. What makes thesepills so special is that they prevent irregular periods, pelvic pain duringmenstruation, and heavy menstruation that can lead to anemia. They can preventpregnancy in 99% cases, which means that their reliability is very high. Also,women who have problems with irregular menstruation or heavy bleeding may findthese pills very helpful because they will regulate menstrual cycle and makebleeding light and short. If a woman uses these pills on a regular basis, shewill have less chance to develop ovarian cysts and cancer. They are very goodfor problems with skin such as acne and some other skin disorders.

However, we have tomention certain problems that can be caused by usage of low estrogen birthcontrol pills. There are some women who can experience breast tenderness,sickness and vomiting due to these pills. Some women who use these pillscomplain about headaches that can sometimes be mild and sometimes severe. Specialistssay that regular usage of pills can cause problems with blood pressure andthus affect heart. So, you have to know that these pills have their benefits, but they also have their negative sides. The best thing to do is toconsult your doctor in order to know which pills to take and whether to stoptaking them if you are experiencing some difficulties.

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