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The majority of women all over the globe have experienced some sort of insecurity about their weight. It is the unfortunate fact that magazines and the TV hold very unrealistic standards for the ideal women’s figure. However, regardless of placing the blame of magazines and the TV, it is as much our fault for allowing ourselves to become overweight. The food that is so easily available is also so bad for you. If you want to lose around ten to twenty pounds in weight then keep reading. There is two options, first one is for losing the weight quickly the second option is for those of you that wantt the weight loss to happen over a longer period of time.

Option Number 1 Fast Weight Loss

Use coconut oil since it is full of healthy fat. It’s about seven euro for one bottle which will last you around fourteen days. One thing to know is that it actually will turn solid if it is left in a temperature of below seventy five degrees, so don’t worry if that happens just put it in a sink of hot water but don’t make the horrid mistake of putting it in the microwave. The method is easy, what you do is take one spoon full twice a day of the liquid coconut oil and simply swallow. It’s best to do this when your stomach is in fact empty. For the majority of women this is a sure fire way of losing weight quickly but like many other products it is not guaranteed for everyone out there. As well as the sudden weight drop you will definitely see your nails, hair and your skin improve.

Option Number Two for Long Term Weight Loss

Omegas 3’s are the way forward for longer term weight loss and you can find it in the fish oil tablets. It is a fact that in our body you can find the omega six and the omega nine. But to be able to balance your body and drop that weight you need to include the special ingredient, omega 3. The cost is about eight euros for three hundred tablets. Usually people take about six per day for their health but if you’re looking to take the weight off you will need to consider having doubled that amount.

Added Extra

Of course with both of these ideas you will need to eat generally healthy and do some work out.

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