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We will talk about the sport called hockey and the supplements that can help those who are training hockey.

One of the most important parts when hockey training is concerned is the nutrition. We all know that results cannot come without the proper nutrition. Because of this, a proper intake of nutrients will bring many benefits. It will help you develop your skills faster and you will also be more motivated to train and feel much better. The food cannot give us the nutrients we need. When the food is not enough, the supplements have to be introduced, so, be careful when using the supplements for your needs. We all need something to drive us forward.

Since we live in a world in which science plays an important part, sport science is something that is getting more support and results. These trials and studies have shown that sports, especially hockey, are demanding for our body. In order to produce this energy, we need the proper fuel, in other words, proper nutrition. The nutrition will have to revolve around protein of high quality, whole grain carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Another very important element is the proper hydration of the body. Since we put a lot of strain on the body while playing hockey, our body loses fluid, so we have to make it more hydrated, which can sometimes be difficult. Remember that the use of food and beverages in cases of athletes must be planed and taken before the match or tournament. In order to bulk up, which will help them perform better, they must increase muscle size, which can be done with the calories and strength training. When you give player the right amount of protein and carbs in the right time, the result will be great.


The food found in the seas is a great source of the nutrients in need. The supplement called Body Balance is based on them, along with honey, black cherry and Aloe Vera. This supplement has 121 nutrient considered essential and they work at cellular level. The use of this supplement will bring healthy regeneration and make you feel more energized. It is very fast efficient since 98% of it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. This is a great result, since most supplements have 20% absorption. It will help you produce results faster and aid medicines, herbs and diets. It will give your body antioxidants, macro-minerals, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fatty acids that are needed by your body. The seafood that we mentioned contains 9 sea vegetables and the 121 nutrients. It has 21 amino acids, 74 minerals, 7 enzymes, 3 fatty acids, and 23 vitamins needed for your healthy and productive body.

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