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Supplements and Sports

Since the overall use of supplements has increased significantly in the world of bodybuilding because of their effectiveness, in the past decade, this trend has also started taking over by storm the world of other athletes and sportsmen as well. Because of this trend, there have emerged great quantities of supplements that have been specifically tailored to fit the needs of other athletes and enable them to get the best of those supplements. The supplements in question have been divided into separate categories, so they could be classified more easily and thus more easily picked out by an individual athlete. The specific aim of these classifications is to keep an athlete as healthy as possible and enable him to hit top form more rapidly and less effort consuming.


Muscular protection and maintenance supplements – this group includes the antioxidants that preserve and ward off all those free radicals in the body that are prone to causing harm to the tissue of the muscles and that can also bring about the occurrence of sore spots. Body Fat Reducing Supplements – these groups include all those that are known to be extremely helpful and that aid the athletes in his effort to decrease the quantities of fat inside their bodies. The most frequently used supplements belonging to this group are chromium, pyruvate and arginine. Pain Relieving and Pain Reducing Supplements – these supplements have the ability to alleviate and decrease the pain that occurs as a direct consequence of a sprain or a strain. Also, certain supplements belonging to this category are known to have the potential to augment the rate of the healing process. Endurance Boosting Supplements are known to have the potential and the ability to boost the overall functioning and health of athletes’ metabolism. They are extremely rich in chain amino acids (branched ones) and are regarded as favorites among the greatest majority of athletes. Probably the most frequently used and the most praised supplement from this category is creatine, whose benefits stretch not only to metabolism, but to all other bodily mechanisms. Body Strength and Immunity Increasing Supplements – most beneficial and effective ones are considered to be numerous vitamins, which are present in the body, as well as arginine.

Among other praised supplements most commonly employed, and known to give results fairly quickly are sports drinks, endurance gel, BCAAs and caffeine, to name but a few of the most favourable and beneficial ones.

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