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Asthma – Basic Info

For more than 23 millions of people asthma is something they need to deal with every day. And that’s only for Americans. However, this condition is very common for people all around the globe. According to the statistic data of the American Lung Association, asthma is the most common chronic illness children and also 7th chronic condition of adult people in the United States.

Asthma is a medical condition affecting the respiratory system. Patients suffering from this disease suffer from the narrowing of the air passages. They usually experience shortness of breath, tightening in the chest, wheezing and coughing. These are only basic symptoms, but if the patient has a severe asthma attack, he or she may develop respiratory arrest or even die. This condition is so serious that it causes hospitalization and deaths of many patients and health care costs are estimated to be over 14 billion US dollars per year.

People may develop asthma because of many reasons. Allergic reactions and emotional stress are probably the most common causes of this respiratory disease, but strenuous physical activity or exposure to cold air may also trigger an asthma attack. In all these cases patients experience irritation and then consequently constriction of air passages, which affect their breathing. Allergies to many different things may cause asthma, including: pollen, pet dander, insects, food, perfumes, smoke, mold or various chemicals. Viral infections and stressful occasions may contribute to development of asthma in some patients. Additionally, there are some claims that pollution may be one of the causes of asthma, too. Chronic asthma is also found to be very common in children growing up in home where the parents smoke.

Asthma TreatmentsIf you have identified pollen as the cause of your asthma attack, you should wear a facial mask during that particular time of the year. Shut your windows and remove all plants from your house, so that you won’t experience asthma symptoms. Remember to change air filters on your heating and air conditioning systems regularly.

Mold can also cause asthma attacks so you should check and clean your home regularly.

For those allergic to chemicals or pollutants, facial masks may also be extremely helpful.

Pet allergies usually require pet free home and synthetic material used for bedding.

Besides these prevention measures, there are also some medications your doctor may prescribe. This includes asthma inhalers, bronchodilators or antihistamines, or corticosteroids in some severe cases.

Those who opt for natural treatments usually choose acupuncture or homeopathy. Healthy diet and regular exercises may also be very beneficial for people suffering from asthma.

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