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Morning sickness is a nasty pregnancy ailment that strikes the vast majority of expectant moms. And often, it lasts far beyond the morning.


Every pregnant mother who suffers from morning sickness has her own personal triggers. Your quest to avoid pregnancy nausea should therefore definitely start with taking note of the foods and drinks that make you sick. Common morning sickness triggers include junk foods with lots of fat, fish, spicy foods, and coffee. But anything could make you nauseous, and you can't always avoid your triggers a colleague's perfume or the deli counter at the grocery store are thing you can't usually eliminate.

Once you have worked on staying away from the things that you can avoid that you know cause morning sickness, you may like to also try some of the more common morning sickness remedies that involve eating things:

  1. Lemon is a nausea fighter, in any form. Try tea, fresh lemon, lemon juice, or even candied lemon.
  2. The same goes for ginger, which you can grate and stick in a stir fry (if that appeals to you), put into a juicer along with things like carrots and apples, make a tea out of, and, once again, find in candied form.
  3. Starting the morning with dry toast, before you even get up, seems to limit morning sickness in many women.
  4. Fennel tea is another option you have.
  5. Protein-rich snacks like boiled eggs keep your blood sugar levels steady and are therefore quite likely to help with the reduction of morning sickness.

The same thing goes for... eating small meals frequently throughout the day, like every few hours, instead of having three big meals a day. Once again, this helps your blood sugar levels stay up. What's more, eating until you are full encourages nausea.

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