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IBS foods to avoid

A person should know that this condition is not the same with everybody. Another thing a person should know is that if he or she avoids eating certain foods will help but foods are not the only thing that triggers the irritable bowel syndrome. Many factors play a part in it, like stress and psychological issues. These issues can disturb the balance between the brain and the guts. A person can trigger the syndrome with the intake of certain medications as well. Nevertheless, it is a good thing to change something in the diet. A person should definitely avoid foods that cause the irritable bowel syndrome because it can make a significant difference. If a person does not intake the foods which cause IBS he or she will not be cured but the symptoms will not appear as often.

Foods to avoid

FatFatty foods are the first thing a person should most definitely avoid. GI tract is triggered no matter if it is good or the bad fats a person intakes.

Whole wheat to be avoided but white flour is okWheat consists of two parts, the outer bran and the inner white part that makes up white flour. The outer part should be avoided since it is an insoluble fiber, a food which causes IBS. On the other hand, the inner bit is a soluble fiber, which is good for people who are suffering from IBS.

GlutenWheat, rye, barley and oats contain lots of gluten. In some cases gluten is blamed for the damage in the lining of the bowel. Even though the pain is not as severe as the patients with the Celiac disease are experiencing, it is still severe.

Dairy productsThis is one of the things that people with irritable bowel syndrome should avoid. Proteins, whey and casein are found in dairy products and these proteins are very hard to digest. Because of that they can trigger the IBS symptoms. Apart from this, dairy products are usually rich in fat which are not good for people with IBS. People who are drinking yogurt because of its probiotic qualities should know that it is safer for them to intake soy yogurt instead.

CaffeineCoffee and tea are known to provoke contractions in the gastro intestinal tract and that is a serious problem for people with IBS. Peppermint tea is an excellent replacement for these beverages.

Red meatRed meat is bad for people with IBS because it is rich in fats. Toxins are usually needed in the process of red meat digestion and that can cause an IBS attack.

A person who suffers from IBS is also advised not to intake carbonated drinks, alcohol and artificial sweeteners.

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