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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disorder which occurs when human body stops producing enough hormones called insulin, and as a result, blood sugar level gets elevated. There are various types of diabetes, type 1 and 2, and gestational diabetes, for instance.

Type 1 diabetes usually means that you have to take insulin shot regularly, in order to function normally. In this type of diabetes body stops producing, or not producing enough of insulin. This type of diabetes is also known as juvenile onset diabetes.

In diabetes type 2, body produces enough insulin in the pancreas, but body stops using it. This type of diabetes usually affect meddle aged or older people, and can be managed with medications, exercises, modification in daily diet and weight loss.

Gestational diabetes usually occurs during end of pregnancy, and disappeared after delivery, which is an upside. Downside is that those women who has this type of diabetes often develop diabetes type 2, later in life.

Cases of diabetes grow at epidemic proportions world wide. Thousand of new cases, middle aged people, with no genetic background, develop this disease every year. Doctors and experts are not sure what is the cause, but stress, bad diet, obesity and lack of exercises are among prime suspects.

Best way to determine that blood sugar level is elevated to diabetic values, is to check it two hours after meal. If values exceed 120 or 160 mg. per 100 ml of blood, you have diabetes.

Usual causes of diabetes may include anxiety and stress, obesity, genetic factors, other disease that may interfere with regular pancreas functions, high level of carbohydrate in your diet, or lack of physical activities.

In order to help your self manage your type of diabetes, you should adopt new diet, and it does not mean that you have to choose special food for it. You should just adapt healthy eating plan, keep regular meal times and try to eat variety of foods in strict amounts. If in doubt about that, you can consult your dietitian.

Some of those diet tips would be;

Prefer food groups, such as:

peas, lentils and beansfishwhole grainsfruitsvegetablesdiary low fat products

In order to avoid high level of cholesterol or bad fats, to rise in your blood, you should try the following:

use egg substitutes instead eggs, use low fat yoghurtuse skim milk and not the whole milkprefer olive oil and canolaalso eat nuts and seedseat sugar free fruitsreduce amount of butter and margarineeat lean cut of meat instead organ meat

All of this together with weight loss, and regular exercises will allow you to manage your diabetes problems, and to lead a normal life.

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