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Acne are what we all encounter in puberty. They do little harm and they clear up by themselves whether you treat them or not, but they make you visually unappealing, have the bad tendency to go rioting on your face when you least need it, and some people might even end up having a couple of craters on their face that will serve as a reminiscence on a few really bad ones. There are also people, actually lots of them, whose problems with acne are too expressed, or who continue to be bothered by acne even after puberty.

There are various methods for treatment of such a problem, but one of the simplest and perhaps most effective is alteration of diet. Acne problems can be reduced or solved if you avoid some bad eating habits. Here are two most effective "do away with acne" diets.

Low glycemic index diet

Many studies from various unrelated sources have shown that a diet consisting of foods with low GI index (GI index - degree to which certain food, when ingested alone, increases the concentration of glucose in the blood, this in comparison to a standard) can reduce acne by more than fifty percent. This is great news for those who suffer from severe acne breakouts. Low glycemic index diet is basically this: you must avoid all foods that contain sugar and caffeine and you should eat any lean meat, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

Diet that causes high glucose levels in blood makes your body produce more sebum (oily secretion of many tiny glands in the skin), which often causes clogging of pores and accumulation of the secret beneath the skin. You know the rest - a pimple is born. Eating low GI index foods makes such scenario unlikely and reduces risk of acne appearance or outbreak. Keep in mind that there are many forms of carbohydrates that are converted to glucose. Starch and flour, for example. So, make sure to read labels on the products. If there is any significant amount of carbohydrates in any form, you should avoid that food.

Detox diet

This is a bit more drastic form of diet that completely omits all "acne unfriendly" foods and unhealthy foods in general. The main principle in detox diet is - no cheating. You must restrain yourself, which can be difficult at start. Good news is that typical detox diet lasts only seven to ten days. Such a diet consists usually only of fruit and vegetables and some herbs and eventually some fish. After this period, you should start with the low GI index diet. Detox diet should speed up the recovery process, but be aware that nothing will happen overnight and that you must show patience and persistence as your body will produce less sebum only after some time.

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