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Stretch marks are very hard to get rid of and the best course of treatment is to prevent them from appearing or take care of them as soon as they emerge. Old stretch marks have proven to be very hard to treat in some cases. To resolve stretch marks there are three types of treatment: preventive, topical and specialized medical treatments.

Preventive Measures

Prevention of stretch marks usually involves dietary changes, which should help the body to be generally healthy and heal stretch marks as soon as they appear. These measures include drinking a lot of water for adequate hydration, proper diet, plenty of good sleep every night and proper amount and form of relaxation for your body. All of these should be able to make your skin stronger and aid its healing from stretch marks, as well as to prevent recurrence of stretch marks.

Topical Treatments

Various creams and lotions designed for the treatment of stretch marks are still the most popular means of therapy these days. Such products should be applied on the affected skin until stretch marks disappear. Regular use should also prevent reappearance of stretch marks.

Medical Treatments against Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can also be medically treated, including some surgical and laser procedures. Some of these treatments have been proven to be highly efficient, but the cost and pain are downfalls of almost all of these procedures.

Abdominoplasty or simply tummy tuck may be an option for some patients suffering from stretch marks on the tummy area. You should know that this surgery is quite expensive and in most cases is not covered by insurance. Healing and recovery may also be quite demanding, depending on the patient.

Laser therapy is also not a cheap option to get rid of stretch marks. Additionally, some patients might not completely cure or lose stretch marks using laser treatments. In most cases, patients may expect lighter scars and if stretch marks are still red, laser may not function at all. Darker skin patients are also recommended not to undergo laser treatment.

Blue light therapy can be used to remove tattoos, freckles, spider veins or some stretch marks. Results of this treatment are also uncertain. This therapy could make stretch marks less visible or remove them to some extent, depending on the patient.

There is also skin peeling, a method which uses chemicals to peel the top layer of the skin. It is used to remove some acne, pimples or even some stretch marks from the skin.

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