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Juicing will be the subject of this article and in the following lines, we will get more familiar with the FDA regulations concerning this matter. Industrial juices have a certain amount of contaminants, insect feces and parts, and not many people know in which extent this amount of contaminants is allowed. This may be an issue and most people would buy a home juicer and throw away bottled juices if they knew just how much contaminants are present in an industrial juice. Fruit juices can have insect eggs, insect parts and mold. Amount of 10% of the juice can be moldy, while every eight and a half of ounces of juice can have five maggots or fly eggs. Just think of the nutritional mixture of mold, maggots and fly eggs. This may make you think twice about the expensive juicer you have seen in the store. This will make every single person ask themselves if the expensive juicer is really that expensive. We can say that this is surely not true. Just think of the health benefits associated with the home juicer and the insect parts and other contaminants you will eliminate from your nutrition.

Home Juicers

You can benefit from the home juicer in so many ways. Many alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks have pineapple juice contained and this makes this juice very popular. Mold found on the fruit that is used for the preparation of the juice cannot be higher than 10%. Also, 40% of one fruit item can be moldy and pass an inspection. This is the law although it may be a bit disturbing and disgusting. Amount of 25% of mold, two maggots and ten fly eggs can be found in the tomato juice and there would be no fine issued. Automatic juicer is a great investment for your home because you will be able to make your own juice with washed fruits that have no mold or insect eggs. We all like juice and the wheat grass juicer can provide wheat grass for breakfast, being able at the same time to cut the costs of it in the health stores. Carrot juicer will provide the same benefits and you will be able to make cheap and healthy vegetable juice from the food items found in your refrigerator. Place them in the centrifugal juicer and get a great juice in a matter of seconds. Know that this will take just a few seconds and a healthy glass of juice is there.

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