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Facts aboutTinnitus

Tinnitus is a medical condition characterized by the constant noise in the ears. Patients suffering from this problem may hear ringing, clicking or ticking sounds, but also steam, whooshing or whistling. It might be that only you are able to hear these sounds, and this type of the condition is known as subjective tinnitus, and most people experiencing these ear problems have this type of the disease. When some other people (including your doctor) can also hear what you hear inside your ears, the condition is called objective tinnitus.

Possible tinnitus causes include many different things. If you have suffered from a head injury, shouted very loud or went to shoot without any ear protection you could easily end up with ringing in the ears. You might have damaged your inner ear or the auditory nerve, responsible for the transduction of signals from the inner ear to the brain, and as the result you hear these strange sounds in your ear(s).

Aging, arteriosclerosis, stress, various allergic reactions, dieting or head and neck traumas are known to be associated with tinnitus. High blood pressure, anemia or anti-inflammatory medications can also cause ringing inside the ears. Other medical problems with the ears might be the issue which led to tinnitus, including: ear infections, impacted ear wax, damage of the ears caused by noise, blockage of the eustachian tube, otosclerosis and hearing loss. Meniere’s disease, a type of inner ear disorder affecting a person’s balance and hearing and tumor of the middle ear can also provoke tinnitus.

Tinnitus TreatmentOptions

People experiencing tinnitus can be suffering from this problem from several days up to several years or even lifelong. In 93% of all reported and treated cases of tinnitus, doctors can’t do much. These patients are exposed to a greater risk of developing depression, chronic tiredness, and sleeping problems. Their work and relationships with partners and family are also very stressed because of their medical condition.

Conventionalmedicine will try to solve tinnitus using antibiotic drugs, anti-anxiety medications or anti-histamines. Hearing aids can also help patients suffering from tinnitus to decrease and mask irritating sounds.

When the conventional medicine fails, or if you decide you don’t want to use medications to treat your problem, you may choose various natural or holistic treatments for tinnitus. Herbal preparations, acupuncture and proper diet may cure your problem, affecting the root cause, not just the symptoms you are experiencing in your ears. Exercises such as yoga classes or even meditation might be very helpful, as well. There is also the program and the book by Thomas Colman, addressing the techniques and treatments for tinnitus. These natural therapies are said to cure the condition permanently, without unwanted side effects drugs might have.

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