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Tinnitus is a very unpleasant medical condition, which is characterized by a perception of sound within the human ear, but in the absence of corresponding external sound. The main thing about tinnitus is that it is not a disease itself. Consequently, there is no known medical cure for tinnitus. Tinnitus is rather an annoying symptom that can result from a number of different causes: abnormally loud sounds, ear infections, foreign objects in the ear, various allergies that both prevent or induce fluid drain, or because of the wax build-up. Tinnitus commonly occurs among people who are stopping with the benzodiazepine therapy.
Symptoms of tinnitus
Tinnitus is a completely subjective phenomenon, and no tools or tests can measure its actual effects and characteristics. Usually, sufferers describe their condition as a ringing noise that affects one or both ears. The noise is very unpleasant and different patients report different sensations, for example: whining, humming, hissing, screaming, buzzing, tingling or whistling, or as ticking, clicking, roaring, crickets or frogs or locusts, tunes, songs, beeping or even a pure steady tone. For many patients, this sound is constant, and it causes great distress. A small number of patients have intermittent symptoms, and movements of the shoulder, head, tongue, jaw, or eye can even change their intensity.
An ongoing constant tinnitus may cause irritability, fatigue, clinical depression and musical hallucinations. Patients suffering from tinnitus usually have significant hearing loss, as they are unable to hear the external sounds clearly.
Tinnitus hypnosis treatment
Some doctors believe that tinnitus is closely tied to negative emotions. Stress, fear, anxiety, frustration, anger and depression can be the possible causes of one’s tinnitus. All emotions originate in the subconscious mind, and hypnosis is an excellent method to explore the roots of patient’s unconscious self and remove the cause of tinnitus.
Some sources report that hypnotherapy used in conjunction with other modalities results in a substantial relief for approximately 90% of patients. The modalities include lifestyle moderation, nutritional support and dietary modifications. Prescription medications, sound therapy, and counseling are also used together with hypnosis.
The tinnitus hypnosis treatment is aimed to teach a patient to ignore the irritating phantom sound. Hypnotherapists believe that a patient is not able to ignore a sound, because it is associated with a negative emotional response. It becomes possible to ignore that sound only when we remove the associated fear, anxiety, frustration and other negative emotions. Hypnosis will bring a patient into an altered state of mid so that the subconscious mind becomes highly receptive to selective, positive suggestions. When a patient separates and removes negative emotions from tinnitus, he or she will be able to ignore the noise and get a significant relief.

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