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Have you ever wondered what life would be without the usage of pesticides? Well, the food production would decrease enormously, there would not be many fruit and vegetables available at the market, and diseases such as malaria, dengue and West Nile virus would expand. There would hardly be enough food for world growing population. That is why we have to pay attention to pesticides and its benefit.

Benefits of pesticides

The reason for taking pesticides for granted lies in the fact that people from all over the world are used to eating vegetables and fruit all year long and it has become a way of their life. At the same tome, birds and animals benefit of regulated pesticide usage.

According to the achieved results, over the past 40 years, production of food and fibers has immensely increased thanks to pesticides. Pesticides have become something that farmers can manage to make enough crops on less land, which leads to higher productivity. Also, due to pesticides, people don’t have to work so much on the fields. In the old times, a whole family was included in everyday field activity, and in big fields, a laborer had to be employed. Hand watering is not done so often nowadays, and pesticides have made a life of a farmer easier. The loss of organic matter is not so frequent either, and invasive species are under control. These are the arguments from the farmers’ point of view.

Arguments for the pesticide benefits that are from the consumers’ point of view state are that everything is much more available now. The number of poor people who don’t have land for growing crops or vegetables has decreased, and those who are poor receive aid from countries which are richer. Now vegetables and fruit that were once seasonal can be found in the stores and markets in any time of the year. Now, people can get everyday dose of recommended vitamins and minerals and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Due to pesticides, diseases that are spread fast are kept under control. Almost every woman keeps pesticides that destroy small insects that can be found in our homes. It is important to state that pesticides must be used according to the instructions, otherwise they may cause a lot of harm. Campaigns about the pesticide usage and its benefits, which are held in a bilingual cooperation between plant science industry and public, can contribute to the awareness of the pesticide quality.

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