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What are quadriceps

Quadriceps is a term for the large muscle group in the human body. Actually, this is the largest, strongest and leanest muscle mass in our body. It is located in the thigh and is responsible for the movement of the upper leg, more precisely, for extension of the knee. Muscles known as Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis, Vastus Intermedius and Rectus Femoris (largest muscles in the group) form the quadriceps. There is virtually no leg movement that does not engage this muscle group.

If you are into exercise, then you know how important it is to stretch before and after the training. This becomes virtually crucial for powerful an frequently used muscles, and the quads are on th every top of the list. Let us now regard a few quad stretching techniques and how to apply them correctly.


These are regarded as the easiest among quadriceps stretches. They can be done anytime and anywhere, so, you need nothing but good will to use these.

Try to keep your back straight all the time. To start, lift your leg up from behind (grab your foot or your ankle with your hand and try to press the heel into the buttock) and hold it like that. You will feel the muscles stretching. Next, use your hand to pull your foot further upwards, towards your head. This stresses the front part of the upper leg a bit more. Stop stretching if it begins to hurt. Repeat the stretching with the other leg, and relax the leg that you have just stretched in the meanwhile. Breathe normally all the time. If you are already flexible, try to pull your leg to touch the hips with it and bend it forward a bit.

Stretches for hamstring and quadriceps

To start with this type of stretching, lie on your back and keep your hands under your butt. Slowly raise one of your legs up while you hold it under the thigh. Use both hands for this. Tension in the hamstring should be noticeable. Continue, try to draw the leg toward your chest. Keep going until you are uncomfortable. Do the same with the other leg.

One more stretching technique for the hamstring and quadriceps is this: keep your legs straight and drawn together as you rest on the side. Do what would be a standing stretch (if you were standing) with the upper leg and extend the lower leg outward. This is a great stretching technique if you are a runner.

Ultimate stretch

This type of stretch works on the entire group simultaneously, and that both at the knee and at the hips. You should be already comfortable wit the first two techniques to try this one. Keep one leg forward. Now bend the knee of the other leg so that it points to the ground at the straight angle. Stretch the knee resting ground behind. This means, move your body forward, so that the right angle changes to an obtuse angle. Grab the foot behind you and pull it up like you were doing a standing stretch. Do not bend forward if possible.

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