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It is frightening how children become less and less active these days. Obvious lack of physical activity in childhood is a major contributor to obesity in later life. Obesity is known to lead to a variety of associated medical conditions. Once the person becomes obese he/she cannot participate in every physical activity and tends to become even less active. All of the mentioned leads to the vicious circle which is simply hard to break.

So, even when children are too young parents must pay a lot of attention and introduce an interesting world of activity to their children, making them active every day.

Negative Effects of Physical Inactivity

It is a well known fact that proper diet rich in all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals is a cornerstone of proper growth and development. Still, we can eat healthy, but our body still does not have to develop adequately, unless it is stimulated with some physical activity.

Regular physical activity is crucial for proper development of the musculoskeletal system. It is no wonder why children who are physically inactive are sluggish and suffer from many deformities, particularly spine deformities such as scoliosis and kyphosis. Muscles remain weak and some muscle groups do not even develop adequately. Not to mention that lack of exercise leads to accumulation of fat tissue in the body. Eventually, the child becomes obese and may even end up with type 2 diabetes, a common scenario reported all over the world. Even more complex health issues such as hypertension and hypercholesterolemia may occur. And finally, obese children suffer from psychological trauma due to bullying.What about Limitations?

Not all the children are healthy enough to participate in school sports or have a regular exercise routine.

Children suffering from certain medical conditions cannot participate in high-intensity sports. However, this does not prevent them from staying physically active. After consulting a well experienced pediatrician a child may be recommended certain sports or activities he/she may indulge in, without any fear that this activity is going to aggravate the condition he/she is suffering from. Doctors may also opt for modified exercise programs and recommend these to such children.

It is also important to include these children in school activities as much as possible, giving them space to be a part of the community instead of feeling neglected or rejected. They may not be able to perform at their best but they may feel better about themselves, successfully avoiding psychological trauma.

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