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Hydrogen peroxide has the antiseptic and antibacterial properties and therefore, it can be very useful for destroying microorganisms in your mouth. You can gargle hydrogen peroxide without any concerns regarding its safety. It will protect your gums from infections and your teeth from dental cavity. Of course, along with using hydrogen peroxide, you have to brush your teeth on a regular basis. It will also make your teeth look prettier and white. You can purchase this product in any pharmacy and it will be in a bottle that is brown. This is because hydrogen peroxide is sensitive to light and it can break down easily due to light exposure.
How to use H2O2 for gargling?
You should mix 3% H2O2 with one cup of warm water and gargle it for 10 minutes. While doing this, make sure that your gum and teeth are exposed to this mixture. Do not use hydrogen peroxide without water, because you could feel burning in your mouth. You can use hydrogen peroxide after the evening meal as well.
H2O2 and halitosis
You can suffer from halitosis (bad breath) because you have a sore throat, dry mouth, tooth cavity, or because your gum is infected. In order to prevent these problems, you must maintain your oral hygiene. If you go to sleep without brushing your teeth, you can make a great environment for the growth of bacteria and that will cause dental cavity. Bad breath can be treated with hydrogen peroxide, but you should not use it too often because too much of anything can cause harm.
H2O2 and sore throat
Hydrogen peroxide together with listerine will help you if you suffer from a sore throat. Mix these two ingredients and use them for gargling. It will destroy bacteria that are causing troubles and you will feel much better after this, but you might experience bad aftertaste. This can be avoided by using some other mouthwash afterwards.
H2O2 and white teeth
Teeth whitening can be expensive and can even cause some unwanted effects. The thing is that hydrogen peroxide is used in almost every method for teeth whitening. You can easily do this all by yourself at your own home. Take one spoon of H2O2 and gargle it for a minute. You will feel the reaction in your mouth and that means that hydrogen peroxide is destroying all the germs. When used for some time, hydrogen peroxide will whiten your teeth.

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