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Chronic bad breath can be an embarrassing problem to have. This condition could be an indication of an underlying medical problem. For example, gum disease, diabetes, acid reflux disorder and hormonal imbalance can all be potential causes of bad breath. However, bad breath is generally attributed to poor dental hygiene. Chronic bad breath is also referred to as halitosis.

Testing for bad breath

There are several ways to analyze your breath in order to discover whether or not you may be suffering from this condition. One way requires you to take a cotton gauze and rub it on your tongue. Then, smell the cotton gauze and judge the result for yourself. Or, take a look at your tongue. If it is covered in a thin white film, you might have bad breath. If your gums are bleeding or bleed regularly, this might also be an indication of the presence of bad breath.


Most of us will want to have fresh or at least clean smelling breath. Chewing gum or mints is not enough to resolve the problem that is bad breath. Further to this, most mouthwashes only serve to mask the problem, rather than addressing the underlying cause. Thus, it is important to recognize the reason why you have bad breath. For the most part, proper dental hygiene will help to at least control bad breath. One should try to brush the teeth at least twice per day. Some soap based toothpastes exist, which can help greatly with the fight against bad breath. Make sure to change your toothbrush frequently so that bacteria does not build up on the brush.

In some cases, bad breath can be caused by the taking of certain over the counter medications. Often, these medications will dry out your mouth, which can lead to bad breath. In this case, one should stop taking the medication, if it is possible to do so safely. Nasal sprays and washes can also be used to combat bad breath.

If bad breath does not stop even if you follow all the correct dental and oral hygiene procedures, then their may be an underlying problem. Tonsil stones and diabetes are potential causes of bad breath. If your bad breath continues, be sure to undergo testing in order to determine whether or not either of these two conditions are present. Finally, one should try to avoid the consumption of foods that can lead to bad breath.

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