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In the past, the low back pain was a condition mainly found in the adult population, but that has changed since the number of children afflicted by the low back pain is constantly increasing. Several studies on this issue were carried out and they showed that for almost 30% of cases of school absenteeism, the low back pain was responsible. Furthermore, it is also observed that in 75% of these cases, the low back pain led to the depression and certain other psychological problems.

Causes of low back pain in children

The low back pain in children may be caused by the same factors that cause this condition in adults. Among the most frequent causes of this condition are bad posture, sports injuries and trauma. Misalignment of vertebrae and emotional stress are also considered to be the common causes for the incidence of low back pain in children. As we know, the children have to carry schoolbags on their back every day and these schoolbags are often too heavy, which can cause the pain in the lower part of the back. Some studies proved that the children who undergo frequent emotional stress are more susceptible to development of pain in the lower back.

Chiropractic can help

Vertebral subluxation is the condition when the vertebrae are misaligned and if it is untreated, it may cause headaches and earaches, as well as pain in the neck and carpel tunnel syndrome. However, this condition can be cured effectively with a help of a professional chiropractic doctor, who adjusts the vertebral column without using any drugs. After the chiropractic treatment, the child can feel immediate relief since the pain in the low back pain disappears.

Degenerative disc disease is a type of arthritis that can affect the children, but the infants as well. When the structure of the cartilage is changed, it becomes weaker and thinner, but this is something that usually happens gradually as we are getting old. The joints and the discs are covered with cartilage and therefore, they are prone to the degenerative changes.

Treatment for degenerative disc disease in children

The best treatment for the degenerative disc disease is the chiropractic treatment, which is the most effective if the disease is detected in the early phase. Since this condition will not always cause the pain in the low back, the disease cannot be always detected in the early stages. Therefore, the parents should consider the preventive measures for the degenerative disc disease in their children even before the puberty.

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