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There a large number of people who suffer from painful sensations and they constantly keep trying with various methods of pain relief so they can calm down and recover. There are certain natural methods of pain relief which are very efficient in enabling the entire body to recover and rebuild itself properly. On the other hand, there are numerous different types of drugs and medicaments which are commonly used for temporary and immediate pain relief. Another option for all those who are in need of a pain relief are massage chairs. They are very efficient in delivering a massage therapy which reduces the pain, and increases the elasticity and flexibility of the muscles.


If a person suffers from lower back pain there are actually only two different options. The first option is to use natural pain relievers and the second option is to use pharmaceutical pain relievers. One of the most efficient and oldest natural methods of pain relief is massage therapy. Massage chairs are actually an automated way of providing a massage therapy which is much healthier and better than taking some sort of medicament for pain relief. One of the most common medicaments used for the lower back pain is methadone. It is an opioid and it affects the central nervous system. It can be used for various different types of chronic conditions and in most cases it is used only with a doctor’s prescription. The best thing about methadone is that it works for up to 8 hours as it blocks the pain receptors located in the central nervous system. The only problem with methadone is that it gets accumulated in the body, especially when it is used on a regular daily basis. This leads to increased doses, as the body gradually builds its resistance. Methadone can also be associated with certain side effects such as decreased sexual appetite, loss of appetite, insomnia, nervousness, drowsiness, weakness, hallucinations, syncope, heart rhythm irregularities, chest pain, confusion and respiratory depression. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should steer clear of methadone, if possible. When a person comes off of methadone, he or she may experience withdrawal too.

So, massage chairs are a much healthier alternative. They are efficient in providing massage therapy for tendons, muscles, joints and soft tissues. They also utilize different techniques in order to reduce the pains, aches and stiffness. Different types of techniques include rolling, air compression, vibration, tapping and kneading.

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