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Backache is one of the most frequent problems that almost everyone experiences. In times, when one leads a sedentary life or has difficult labor, backache is an everyday problem of every man. Furthermore, backache may be caused by certain psychological problems that are associated with emotional stress. Because of that, it is not rare that a person confronted with a stressful situation experiences a spasm of the muscles in the back. Moreover, obese people have this problem more often than the others because the back bears the weight of the entire body.

Causes of backache

In the majority of cases, backache and spondylosis occur because of excessive muscular tension, bad posture, straining of joints and poor nutrition. Furthermore, physical inactivity is also one of the reasons why backache appears. Certain medical condition may trigger the occurrence of backache, such as arthritis, kidneys problems, prostate cancer, and abdominal aortic aneurysm. Furthermore, influenza and menstrual periods may contribute to the backache condition very much. Backache may also occur when women wear high heels, or when one tries to lift something but in a wrong way. Additionally, stress and strain from sitting for a long time, as well as emotional problems, in many cases contribute to the occurrence of muscular cramps in the back. Gout and constipation are also some of the causes for backache.

Backache and muscle tension usually occur because of the physical inactivity. In modern society, everything is much easier than in previous periods and everything is more or less at hand. Because of that, one is not forced to be active much and as a consequence, obesity typically occurs. Obese people complain more about the backache. It is owing to a great strain on the back. One should train back muscles, otherwise they are at risk to be easily injured.

Symptoms of backache

In the majority of cases, the pain that is characteristic for backache occurs in the lower or middle part of the back, though from that location it may spread to other parts of the body (for example, to both sides of the hips and the waist). The patient with acute backache is usually immobile and bedridden. A large number of those with backache have developed a degenerative disorder. Cervical or lumber spondylosis is a condition in which the vertebral bone or the intervertebral disc becomes soft and loses shape. The consequence of this is inflexibility of the spine. It is very important to pay attention when backache occurs, because this condition should not be neglected.

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