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Bach flower therapy is homeopathic treatment which uses highly diluted flower essences. These essences can stimulate our own body to regenerate and heal, as well as to achieve and maintain balanced health. Essences affect physical, mental and emotional state of the patient and since these are made from edible flowers, they can be used by anyone. Bach remedies are considered to be very safe and non toxic.

These remedies can cure and heal many conditions, including the stress and anxiety felt at the workplace. If you feel that your job has become source of irritation and frustration in your life, you might want to try Bach remedies to sort things out inside your own body. Bach remedies can de-stress your life, making you able to perform at your best. They can also improve your attitude and capability of handling something hard at work.

Each person should select his or her own Bach remedy or several remedies, according to his or her needs and requirements. Match your symptoms with the description accompanying specific Bach remedy or remedies and then select the remedy for your case. Usually, the treatment with Bach remedies lasts for 6 weeks or even more, depending on the severity of your energy imbalance. These remedies are commonly used under the tongue. Take few drops, four times perday.

Bach Flower Beech

If you tend to criticize a lot and don’t tolerate anyone’s failure, Beech might be for you. It will ease irritation caused by inability to understand someone else’s methods.

Bach Flower Cherry Plum

When you feel you are going to lose control about the situation use Cherry Plum Bach remedy. It can also prevent any anger or steam coming out from you in a seen or at some inconvenient time and place.

Bach Flower Elm

Elm is suitable for people who lose self-assurance and can’t cope with pressure.

Bach Flower Impatiens

Restless and people without patience should use this remedy. It is said to bring calmness and peace to restless patients and is also proven to be great for people irritated with slowness. Everyone who needs to speed up the things to get them done and always hurries and hurries people around him or her should use Impatiens.

Bach Flower Olive

Olive is useful for people working in shifts or on a project and feel tired and exhausted because of that.

Bach Flower Vervain

This remedy is for tension and people who are enthusiastic and hard-working at work. If you easily become very tense and stressed, Vervain might be the remedy for you. Anyone taking advocate on injustices and persuading others may also benefit from this remedy.

Bach Flower White Chestnut

This remedy helps people unable to relax or sleep at night because of constant worrying about their work.

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