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Everyone is Prone to Back Injuries

There is no single person on Earth who can say that he or she is completely immune to back injury. What's more, there is a great deal of situations which can provide the inconvenience – the load needn't be heavy and large, even the simplest of lifting of objects may be its cause.

However, these injuries may be prevented by application of a few safety precautions; one of which most definitely would be using a hand truck while lifting and moving about large boxes and other heavy loads.

It is recommended to always have a material handling device such as a crate, a dolly or a hand truck ready for use whether the scenario may occur at work or at home. This is not only to provide the extra comfort, but is actually also a medical precaution.

The remainder of this article takes a closer look at some injury prevention methods whilst carrying about heavy and bulky objects.

That's Why We Should Use Hand Trucks

The object should first be examined in order to think of the most ergonomic method of transporting it. It is also important to remember that small loads aren't necessarily light loads, so whatever the scenario may be (home or office) it is always handy to have a hand truck stacked away somewhere.

Objects that feel to heavy to lift should be lifted by use of hand trucks, and if one isn't available, an employee should never hesitate to talk to his or her employers about the lack of equipment. After all, they could save the company quite the amount of lawsuits, and such things should always be drawn to their attention. And since a hand truck isn't that expensive of an investment, they shouldn't make too big of a deal out of it.

But even while using a hand truck, a person needs to take some extra precautions in order to minimize the risks of injury. Namely, the load needs to be properly mounted and secured that it may not slip off the truck whilst mid-transport. Also, the hand truck should always be pushed forward and never backward. The truck should also remain in front of the person while moving downhill, and behind the person while moving uphill.

Lift With the Legs

Even if the object is so light that no hand truck is required, the lifting should be performed with the legs in order to prevent any injury.

This includes never having straight legs whilst lifting an object, squatting down, keeping the heels on the floor, and the back straight from the chest forward.

The knees are to bend and then straighten as the person lifts the object. Additionally, the object should be kept close to the body and carried about, at about waist level.

Unnatural twists and turns are, naturally, to be avoided.

Avoiding Potential Hazards?

Potential hazards to be avoided should include slipping/tripping and the like. The path ought to be open, as the area clear of water, soap, oil spills and such.

Getting Help?

And lastly, an object that feels too heavy for one person to lift should be carried by two in order to prevent potential harm. After all, asking for help does less harm to one's manhood than the potential risks of back injury should involve.

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