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A lot of people manage to hurt their wrists, fingers and hands quite often. There are several reasons why that is so but people should also know that there are ways a person can prevent that from happening. For instance, people should do more arm exercises in order to improve the muscles of the hand and arm. If a person is involved in actions that might cause damage to the arm or wrist, a person should make breaks more often or even change the activity. Repetitive movements such as hammering, typing, sweeping or raking should not be done fast in order for the wrist injuries to be avoided. When a person reads for a long period of time, he or she should change the position he or she is holding a book in after some time. Grabbing an object with just a thumb and an index finger need to be avoided whenever that is possible, because it stresses the wrist. When using power tools, people should always wear gloves or some other protective equipment. A person also needs to review the work posture and body mechanics so that he or she can improve them and avoid injuring the hand or wrist.

Reduce falls

A person needs to make his or her environment good for walking and remove any objects that might cause falls. This is highly important in case of babies and toddlers. Babies must never be left untreated.

General prevention tips

When in a car a person should always wear a seatbelt. People need to know their boundaries and avoid carrying objects that are too heavy for them. A person who skates should consider wearing wrist guard since it will reduce the risk of an injury. Before participating in any physical activity, people should stretch properly. That way the risk of an injury is drastically reduced.

Keeping the bones strong

People need to consume foods which are rich in calcium and vitamin D in order to strengthen the bones. For instance, dairy products have lots of calcium and a person should consume milk or yogurt daily. Apart from the dairy products, calcium can also be found in dark green and leafy vegetables like broccoli, for instance. Regular exercises are very important. Weight-bearing exercises like walking, jogging or weight lifting stimulate bone growth. On the other hand, swimming is excellent for the health but it does not stimulate bone growth. In order to have strong bones, people need to stop drinking alcohol and smoking. No more than 2 alcoholic drinks should be drunk per day.

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