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At home treatment for dental abscess

A tooth abscess is very unpleasant state which can be a source of a great deal of pain. Pain can be intolerable but luckily there are methods that one can take at home to heal it.

A tooth abscess is a pus conglomerate of round tissues that encircles the tooth. Infections caused by bacteria or gum disease destroy the bones around the tooth and create an abscess. To know how to treat the abscess at home can be very useful because the infection causes pulsating or piercing pain which is unbearable. Pain is often provoked by mastication or chomping. Before one arranges a meeting with the dentist, it is good to know ways to eliminate or at least lessen the pain.

Most causes of tooth abscess are caries (most common), a damaged tooth, gingivitis and gum disease. These factors can open tooth enamel which is a gateway for spreading the bacteria inside the tooth where they invade the pulp. Infection can spread to the nearby bones from there.

The most significant symptom of tooth abscess is a stern toothache which causes two sorts of pain: palpitating or short razor-sharp pangs. Some other manifestations include fever, sensitivity to hot or warm and pain which starts while one masticates. One can also have bad breath, swollen cervical lymph nodes and neck glands, sinus pain and redness and inflation of the gum.

For treating the pain, you should put a cold compress on the affected region to decrease the swelling. Application should last for around 20 minutes and it should be repeated a couple times a day. Positioning the compress on the cheek above the infected place is recommended.

Gargle with warmish salty water. Warm water eases the oral cavity and salt has an antiseptic effect on infections. Continuous gargling eases the drainage so when the abscess bursts one should spit out the content.

Press the abscess with a cotton swab immersed in salt and baking soda. That can eject the abscess’ content but if it does not work, one can use a sterile needle.

Pour the salt over a dry teabag and position it nearby the infected tooth where it should be left for on or two hours. This is useful for draining the infection. The same effect can be reached with tree oil mouthwash for five minutes, three times a day.

Clove oil as an anesthetic is the best possible option for the home treatment of the abscess.

When visiting the dentist, he or she can give three options for abscess therapy: antibiotics, root canal cleaning, and tooth extraction.

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