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People who suffer with abscesses of the tooth know the pain involved, the sheer discomfort can be agonizing. If you suspect an abscess you will need to seek medical help. However in the mean time you can try a few home remedies to help with the management of the pain.External Help for Abscesses of the Tooth

Some people will suggest putting a black, dry teabag next to the abscess inside the mouth for at least a few hours. Another approach would be to use the same technique but with a piece of raw potato. By using one of these methods, you will be helping to pull out the infection and you will notice that the swelling goes down and the pain decreases. Another remedy is to mix together baking soda and cooking salt, after that you can put a small cotton ball into the mix and allow it to soak up the mixture, after that you can put the cotton ball inside your mouth and lay it against the painful abscess for six or seven hours. This remedy will give you the same result as the potato and the teabag suggestion. Hydrogen Peroxide

A remedy that is well known, is the use of hydrogen peroxide. You should use a dilution of 1.5% and this will disinfect the infected area of the mouth. Even if the abscess opens up and pus begins to seep, you can still do the hydrogen peroxide but this time put it on a cotton ball and put it on the open abscess. To help with the drainage process you can very gently press your fingers against your cheek on the area that the abscess is. If you go to the chemist they may recommend for you to gargle a natural antibiotic and vitamin C combination a few times a day. Obviously the best thing to do is see your dentist as soon as you feel the start of an abscess occurring in your mouth. Home Remedy for Abscessed Teeth

Hydrastis Canadensis also known as golden seal, it is a strong solution for abscesses. Simply put the golden seal on the tooth and allow it to stay there for as long as you can. You should do this process a few times a day, you will notice that after a couple of times the abscess will burst. Once this happens you must rinse with a hydrogen peroxide solution with a dilution of 1.5%.

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